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52 Lists for Happiness: I can't commit to this weekly apparently

52 Lists for Happiness: I can't commit to this weekly apparently

List the scents, spaces, textures, and sounds that bring you joy…

Recently I have had an awful bout of panic attacks. The past few years there has been an ebb and flow of when they present themselves. Sometimes I can go months and then in a week I can have three separate panic attacks; it’s super cute.

Obviously that is something my therapist is interested in knowing, so at my most recent session we discussed precursors to my panic attacks, coping mechanisms, triggers, and so much more.


One of the ways to bring awareness back to your body before you and in the full throes of a panic attack, is to engage in an exercise called the “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Method”; effectively you engage your senses and you find 5 different things you can see, and then five different things you can hear, and subsequently five different things you can feel. Then you complete the cycle again but this time find four things.

It has been a good tool to have in my arsenal, and while it has not stopped every panic attack I have had recently, it has helped in lessening them.

I feel like this list helps serve as a reminder to stop, and bring awareness to yourself and the things you surround yourself with that make you happy.


Lubriderm with SPF 15: My mother never wears fragrance, but the scent I associate with her is this lotion that she has been using since before I was born. I am immediately transported back to being 5 years old and sitting on the floor while she braids my hair into a Princess Leia crown.

Freshly Brewed Coffee: Working at Starbucks means the smell of coffee is always nostalgic; but there is something special about brewing a french press of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning and the scent fills your kitchen. It’s one of my favourite rituals.

Lilacs: When I was a young girl we had lilac bushes that lined our back yard, and they always reminded me that Spring was here.

Lush’s Snow Fairy: I love candy, and why would I not want to smell like candy AND SPARKLE. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year because well, Christmas, and Snow Fairy comes back for the season!!

Maison Margiela Replica - Dancing on the Moon

Freshly Baked Cookies


Chapters / Any Book Store Ever: I could spend HOURS in book stores. i get so excited and I generally pick up armfuls of books and then tell myself I am only allowed to purchase two that trip and then actually purchase four. I always debate purchasing my fourth copy of Anna Karenina and usually whoever I am with tells me that three copies is probably enough.

Bed: I love being in bed. Like honestly the first place I go after work? Bed. Having a bad day? Crawl back into bed. Gotta get dried after a shower, because I obviously cannot dry myself like a normal person? Crawl back into bed. It’s my favourite place.

Bowness Park: It’s like a little hike in the middle of the city. While I would absolutely prefer to drive to the mountains, if I just need a quick getaway I go to Bowness and life just makes sense again. Those are probably the endorphins that the mini hike releases…

Grocery Stores: I am OBSESSED with grocery stores. I love exploring the different products in different socioeconomic areas, I love the way different stores are organized, I love the different products that are available store to store. It is imperative that when I travel I visit at least three grocery stores during my visit. They’re amazing!

Coffee Shops: I love all the different scenarios that occur in coffee shops, studying, dates, business meetings, just getting a caffeine fix. The people watching is usually superb and they have americanos. It’s brilliant.



Clothing: I am that strange person in a store that runs my hands along EVERYTHING.

Cashmere: Who would not love cashmere? Do I even need to explain this?

French Bread: I love the crunch of the exterior with the pillowy soft texture of the bread inside. Fun fact, too many times have I simply had french bread for dinner. Also too many dinners comprised of sour patch kids. No shame in that game.

Kinetic Sand: Too many hours spent playing with kinetic sand; compressing it into a ball and then smashing it on to my counter so it breaks apart. Really, you should try it!


Kaiden & Isaac’s giggles

Vance Joy’s Voice


Strings: Definitely make any song they are apart of more haunting. It’s perfection

The crunch of Autumn leaves

The whirl of the wind in my ears when I twirl: I am a child

So there you have it; stay excellent my friends!

Portland, Oregon - The Good Stuff (Food)

Portland, Oregon - The Good Stuff (Food)