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My Approach for the New Year

My Approach for the New Year

I don’t know about you but it can feel inauthentic and utterly fabricated when we are inundated with the whole “NEW YEAR NEW YOU” message from both your social media feeds, and companies trying to sell you shit you probably don’t need. This arbitrary marker of “rebirth” that society is attached to year after year becomes more and more commercialized with each Time’s Square ball drop (there’s a joke there somewhere). Yet each year I find myself setting goals and intentions for the coming year. Some that I scoff and tell myself I will fail at some point, and others that I really do deem important for developing into the human I want to be.

So, without further angst here are my intentions for 2019:

  1. Continue going to therapy

  2. Partake in a clothing, accessory, and extraneous makeup “no buy” from January to July. Reassess my success in July and maybe extend (there is a post on my self imposed rules coming this week)

  3. Read one book per week

  4. Engage in things that are positive for my mental health (regular yoga, meditation, quiet negative self talk, and other fun things)

  5. Cook more

  6. Embrace the life and love that I deserve, not the life that I feel society or my family dictates

  7. Explore!

Some of these may seem cliche, but a cliche exists for a reason!

Happy 2019 Friends <3

January to July "No Buy" - The Low Down

January to July "No Buy" - The Low Down

Guess Who's Back?

Guess Who's Back?