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Book Review: What I read this week

Book Review: What I read this week

If you read my New Year post, you will have seen that one of my goals this year is to read one book per week. In classic “New Year, New Me” fashion, I kind of cheated this week; BUT here’s the thing. i didn’t say what types of books I will be reading, so you can bet at least one of the weeks this year I will read a children’s book and review that. I fully expect to be dragged for that, and I welcome it.


This week I read a book of poems, as lately I have been ingesting the most poetry I have read since high school. Except then I was being pretentious and read Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ and now I am reading basic bitch shit and LOVING IT. Now, the book I read this week is:

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Click the photo to go to the website Jeff Bezos owns to buy this…

Click the photo to go to the website Jeff Bezos owns to buy this…

I find myself at a very interesting point in my life, in which I feel like I am finally shaping who I am in the post graduate stage of my adulthood. So much of the person I have been in my 20’s was shaped by being a student and being a daughter and being a girlfriend. Now, having stepped into the professional world and really taking a look at the people and experiences who have shaped me, I am challenging myself to begin living MY life. Which is daunting and exciting and thank god I am also in therapy while going through this. It is because of all this that I find Charly Cox to be exceedingly refreshing because I know I am not alone in the challenges that I am currently facing or have faced previously.

The book is broken into four sections:

  1. She must be in love

  2. She must be mad

  3. She must be fat

  4. She must be an adult

Cox’s uses her innermost thoughts about mental illness, negative body image, dating in the age of apps, coming of age, serves them up on a page to be devoured by us and in this she eases the stigma of these difficult topics. Right now I am dwelling in the “She must be fat” section and it’s difficult for me to reconcile with myself that I am SUCH a proponent of beautiful at any size, and challenging traditional views of beauty and yet I HATE my body. One comment of “she’s the thinnest she’s ever been” and I fall down a rabbit hole of “well I am fat AF sooo.”; and the comment was simply descriptive and not meant to praise or censure.


It’s an ongoing struggle to love myself and Cox presents that conundrum in a manner that doesn’t attempt to solve the struggle, and I appreciate that. it is more difficult to accept the fact that I don’t like my bod AND that I can’t solve it too. But knowing that it’s an ongoing issue, and putting a bit of a funny spin on it at times, that is something I can get behind.

Basically: Read it.

It is an easy read, if you are like me you can finish the 146 pages in a day. But I came back to certain poems again throughout the week and I am sure I will come back to them next week and again in July. It is that type of book.

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