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Portland, Oregon - The Good Stuff (Food)

Portland, Oregon - The Good Stuff (Food)

Last year it was decided to do a whirlwind long weekend trip to the hipster mecca; and oh my goodness did I ever fall in love with Portland. The people, the food, the shopping!  It was HEAVEN! I absolutely would move there in a heartbeat and live out my life in pure hipster bliss!

Obviously the first post about Portland has GOT to be about food…

Knowing me, you are very aware of the fact that food is probably the most important thing in my life after love and my people (family, friends). Portland has some AMAZING food spots; like the best Mexican food I have had outside of Mexico...

The Screen Door

Prepare for a bit of a wait, it's a little bit of a tourist haunt but SO WORTH IT (also we are tourists so...).

I had the chicken and biscuits with cheesy grits. People, grits are LIFE! As a girl who spent some of her formative years in Mississippi let me tell you, usually Northerners have no ideas what the HELL they are doing when it comes to grits, but the Screen Door did NOT disappoint.

Joel had chicken and waffles, the caveat being that it was a SWEET POTATO WAFFLE!!!! Basic bitches everywhere, your heart will stop at the Autumnal goodness that is a Sweet Potato Waffle, PSL in waffle form. We also shared the Praline Bacon and it was divine! 

Joel and I couldn't agree on which chicken dish was superior, I maintain the biscuits, he maintains the waffle; both of us coming to the conclusion: MORE FOR ME!

Afterwards you will need a walk and then a nap. Which is exactly what we did!


Blue Star Donuts

Voodoo Donuts may have international acclaim, but they feel a touch gimmicky. Everything I read, and everyone I talked to said that Blue Star was the way to go; and they were correct! Except now, other donuts are ruined for me!! The OC, Meyer Lemon & Keylime, and an Orange Olive Oil Cake donut were my faves!!

Click to visit their website!

Click to visit their website!

Rogue Brewery

Are you even a hipster if you don’t go to a craft brewery when in Portland?

Now I am sure there are a kazillion hole in the wall breweries but we were fresh off the plane, starving, and this is the first one we saw.


Of course I had to get a flight, because I like tasting ALLLL the things!


As for food; I had the ‘Fancy Pants Grilled Cheese’ because I am a bougie betch and cannot say no to cheese basically ever. Picture this, ooey, gooey melted sharp cheddar, with salty and complex blue cheese and the juxtaposition of flavors that a drizzle of honey showcased. It was sticky and messy and perfect!

Joel had the ‘Hawaiian Seoul Burger’ and it was DIVINE. Pineapple on a burger with Korean BBQ sauce is a revelation!

During my next visit it’s my goal to do multiple brewery tours because who wouldn’t want to partake in craft beer?!

Stumptown Coffee



It’s pretty well known that I run on coffee, anxiety and a steady stream of candy (mainly Sour Patch Kids). Local coffee shops are some of my favourite places to hang out, it’s even BETTER if their beans are roasted locally. Stumptown absolutely did NOT let me down.

stumptown coffee.jpg

Now, I know that Stumptown was purchased by Peet’s Coffee in 2015, so they are not technically a small, local establishment any longer. But it was still a treat to walk from my little Airbnb every morning to grab a coffee here. It really felt like I could immerse myself in this community and make some local haunts my place!


Thank GOD you can purchase bags of this coffee at Luke’s Drug Mart here in Calgary, or you can order online from Stumptown.

Food Carts

The food cart scene is thriving in Portland. Wandering the streets downtown and happening upon the most colourful, boisterous, array of food carts was utterly delightful!


I cannot think of a more idyllic scene than a bright sunny day, tree lined streets and the air buzzing with voices and music and birds. But then you add food, and I am in my perfect version of heaven!

There is every cuisine under the sun, anything you could dare to desire is right there at your finger tips. I needed Mexican and the taco options were endless!

Now, here is the sad part of my post. I did not take photographs of the most amazing chorizo tacos that have ever graced my taste buds. Legitimately one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. But let me assure you, they were messy. The chorizo was fragrant and spicy, the cabbage slaw was fresh and punchy and the corn tortilla was the perfect vessel. I was just the happiest girl in the world, with oil running down my hand and spilling alllll the fillings.

food truck.jpg

Salt & Straw

I am the first to say that Calgary is home to my FAVOURITE ice cream place of all time: Made By Marcus.


Salt & Straw might win….

Starting as a food cart in 2011, they opened their first brick and mortar location three months later. Focusing on seasonal ingredients and fascinating flavours, there is typically a line around the block to get into this place.

Totally worth it. So just do it…


I had a scoop of the Chocolate Gooey Brownie annnnd Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons. So delectable, so amazing, i had so many emotions. It was brilliant. I mean look at this face (the least flattering photo but the happiest girl):


So there you have it; we ate at a few other places but this post is already TOO long! Stay tuned for more upcoming Portland posts!

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