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In Celebration of my birthday....

In Celebration of my birthday....

As some of you may know my birthday is February 1. I could write a nice, eloquent post on what I did for my birthday (went to Banff with my love and my parents!), what I got (clothes and other wonderful things), and how old I am (24, obviously).

But instead I am going to give you a post that makes me feel 50% shame and 50% I am hilarious.


What was one gift I was not expecting to receive on this joyous day of my birth?



I never again have to take a quiz that tells me what famous person I share a birthday with I FLIPPING KNOW!


Now, contrary to this post I am not exceedingly invested in the Kardashian/Jenner Klan (is that k okay? I don't mean the racist Klan I mean like Kris flippin Jenner taking over the world Klan). But I have some feelings, I am thankful to Kimmy K for normalizing a body type that I myself have: tiny waist, big ass, and larger-ish chest region. I have really appreciate feeling like my natural body is attractive and I don't have to starve myself into a toothpick shape. So whether Kim deserve the credit or not, she made it really visible and mainstream to have curves (alongside other amazing women for example: J-Lo, and Christina Hendricks).

So I don't hate the Kardashians, but I am also not obsessed; I feel like I have a very mild relationship with them. 

But whether or not you want to know them, here are my opinions, thoughts, feelings on the most recent female powerhouse that has been added to Kris Jenner's femme family.

  1. Thanks for birthing the bebe on my birthday Ky; I will be forever grateful to share a birthday with Kiki (Kandee, Kenadee) – Jenner

  2. I cried at that damn video and felt a little bit of shame but, it was pretty adorable

  3. Travis Scott’s family is thanking their lucky stars that he knocked up a KarJenner

  4. Travis Scott appears to be trash; I mean at least Tyga was tasty (to each their own I suppose...)

  5. Why the hell does Ky go for men who are just like minorly interested / play hard to get YOU ARE A SNACK WITH MILLIONS IN THE BANK, FIND A MAN WHO APPRECIATES YOUR PLASTIC, HOT ASS

  6. As soon as you become the male partner of a KarJenner, do you biologically lose the ability for the gender to be determined by you? There are a lot of females in that family; does Kris Jenner like yell at your sperm to produce a girl?

  7. There is so much love in that fam and it is actually really nice

  8. Why am I so invested?


  10. Props to the KarJenners for stealing the Superbowl's Thunder. Biggest advertising day of the year and they usurped it


Okay, I promise I won't post shit like this again (unless you love it, and then I am not above this at all...).

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