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52 Lists for Happiness: Week Three

52 Lists for Happiness: Week Three

Seeing as I am apparently the worst ever at journalling / keeping a consistent schedule for writing, I am making the bold assertion that I am not to be bound by something as trivial as the timeline of a week.


But I promise I will try to be better in the future....


List the Things You are Really Good At

  1. Talking: This was a detriment during my elementary school days, teachers would get frustrated because I was chatty.... But it has turned out to be a skill that has really dictated the course of my life. I LIVE to present, everyone would be nervous before a presentation and I would be so excited. I see myself doing something with public speaking in the future, whether it be teaching or politics or something else....
  2. Singing: Apparently voice related things and I really do jive. I am a classically trained vocalist, so that helps.
  3. Writing: I was the person in university who did the majority of the writing when it came to group projects. Whether the writing was technical (research based) or creative, I excel in both arenas. It helps that I love words and I am very passionate about being cognizant of my word choices.
  4. Empathy: Some people have a natural tendency towards empathy, but I also believe it is a skill that can be learned and you need to put in effort to refine it. I attempt to live my life with authentic empathy, and try to gauge how my decisions and actions impact others. It is a skill that few people truly have, but it is imperative to the success of humans as a whole. We live in a world where most people only think of themselves, and so many of the awful things that have happened in my life, have been a result of someone making a selfish choice and not thinking about the impact it would have on other people involved.
  5. Leadership: This sounds like my resume.... hahaha - but I do feel like I have a good balance of natural and learned abilities when it comes to leadership. 
  6. Licking my elbow: No explanation needed I hope. I can do it, so this is something that if you can do it, you're good at it
  7. Baking / Cooking: I love being in the kitchen; when the children in my family turn 12 you begin contributing to dinner once or twice a week. This meant preparing a salad or making dessert. So being in the kitchen is a very familiar thing to me; it is one of life's greatest comforts to add chocolate, butter, and cream together and you will always get something delicious!
  8. Dancing: I am absolutely not a trained dancer, but somehow, some way, by the grace of God I have natural rhythm and I know how to move. Maybe this is less dancing and more that I am in tune with my body, and coordinated. Yoga comes naturally to me, I am very flexible despite not really trying to maintain it, and I can simply move and it feels natural.
  9. Being Optimistic: In my professional life I really try to be a realist, with a dose of optimism. But I think my colleagues would actually call me an eternal optimist; it is another thing that comes naturally to me. I don't have to try to look on the bright side, the bright side just always happens to be present for me! 
  10. Making People Laugh: Not always intentional. but always appreciated. BONUS - I can always laugh at myself / my own jokes
Guess Who's Back?

Guess Who's Back?

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