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Guess Who's Back?

Guess Who's Back?

Me, it’s me! Incidentally Eminem is also back, just not as Slim Shady.

guess who.gif

Prime gif choice aside; what the heck fellow kids; it has been a time! I have been writing some posts so I have a collective to post consistently, but I thought I would kick off with what is up, whats the 411 (insert a clip of Regina George’s mother here).


Starting with what the hell is up with my professionally seems like a boring ass move for someone writing a blog. But I have to be honest, work has been both exciting and all consuming. I accepted another promotion, I am now a distributor sales representative. As a result of that promotion I have started to travel a little more. I first went to Cranbrook, as it is part of my sales territory and then to New Orleans; hopefully with a lot more to come!

Cranbrook, BC

Cranbrook, BC

New Orleans

New Orleans

Don’t you even worry about a thang Momma, New Orleans is definitely getting it’s own post.

Amidst working too much and eating dizzying amounts of candy in place of proper meals, I managed to attend a conference on the Inclusion and Representation of Women in the Electrical industry. How many times have I annoyed my boss with the information that I am a feminist, a lot. Obviously it’s a good thing because I came to mind when this seminar came across his desk!

So work is great and I love my job and I get to work with my soul mate (Keira E Brown), so that is the best case scenario I could as for post degree.

Everyone is concerned for our boyfriends….

Everyone is concerned for our boyfriends….


Like would I even be me if I wasn’t planning on my next schooling endeavour? Of course I need to get that MBA, because who doesn’t need an obscene amount of letters behind their name to feel whole? I have started studying for the GMAT and the only thing I want for Christmas (besides Terry’s Chocolate Oranges) is studying material.

God I am lame. Send halp.


The boyo and I celebrated 8 years in August; so like he obviously has not studied Beyonce’s lyrics closely (JUST KIDDING! He knows the dance). We still have our perfect condo in downtown Calgary and we both still drive basically the same car (Golf R and GTI, we’re those people), and he still looks like a 90’s heart throb. I feel like I could go on and on but I feel like everyone is rolling their eyes. SO!

Foo Fighters 2018

Foo Fighters 2018


Like obviously one of the most important things; if you watch my stories on Instagram I am routinely posting new music. But incase you want some stuff on here, my Discover Weekly playlist, that is curated by Spotify has finally recovered from all the sleepy time music I was listening to. So I have created my own “Discover Weekly: Successes” playlist, and it is BOMB! It’s pretty chill, but it will only get better week by week!

Also, like Christmas music.

Film & Television



It is gripping and shocking and heartbreaking and horrifying and just utter perfection. I don’t want to spoil anything, but here is the synopsis via Wiki:

Grace Marks, the convicted murderess, has been hired out from prison to serve as a domestic servant in the home of the Governor of the penitentiary. A Committee of gentlemen and ladies from the Methodist church, led by the minister, hopes to have her pardoned and released. Grace cannot remember what happened on the day of the murders, and she exhibits symptoms of hysteria, so the minister hires Dr. Simon Jordan, a psychiatrist to interview her, hoping he will find her to be a hysteric, and not a criminal. An arrangement is made so that Dr. Jordan will interview Grace during afternoons in the sewing room in the governor's mansion.

They begin to discuss Grace’s life and the events that led to the murders.

SPOILER - the doctor is hot as HELL and I will be doing a post summarizing my thoughts on the mini series!


I've spent much time of late, in the throes of poetry. I find poetry a curious thing, in that it dwells in the extremes. One doesn't consume poetry when they are in the middle ground; we gulp it thirstily when drinking the nectar that is ecstacy or parched from upheaval. I find myself caught between the two, yet not in the middle ground. 

So when I begin to devour stanzas and dance between verses I am filling the space, but emptying other parts of me. It's confusing and difficult, exhilarating and painful, healing and ripping the stitches. Poetry has forced me to examine myself, to explore the canvas of my emotions. It has been such a journey to take pause when it comes to prose and really examine the artistry of poetry. I am actually seeing Rupi Kaur in Edmonton this December. I couldn’t be more excited!


That is a quick snapshot of me right now. There are so many more posts on the horizon so please come back soon!

Sending you all love and light.

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