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Current Hair Routine

Current Hair Routine

Basically I live my life attempting to have Cheryl Blossom's hair....


I love my hair; it is frizzy and big and unmanageable at times, but I love it so much. I have relatively thick, naturally curly hair. I remember being in the 8th grade and a few girls telling me that my hair would be so pretty if I got it chemically straightened. Cue 8th grade insecurities and subsequently years of using a flat iron to style my hair.

I wish I could say that I embrace my natural hair more than I do, but living in a dry climate, it takes a lot of work to properly style and maintain my natural hair. So often I opt for my curling iron to achieve "put together, work appropriate, sleek, styled" looks. While this ties into a larger conversation on natural hair and society's views on it, we can feel free to debate that in the Facebook comments on this post if you so desire. 

When I was in Seattle I did not use a hot tool on my hair once, and my hair looked and felt amazing! 

One of my goals this year is to attempt more natural hair. But I do notice a difference in how I feel about myself when I have "done" my hair versus wearing my hair "natural"; and that can be difficult.

Anyway, here is what you came for: my hair routine. As with my skincare and make up everything I use must be cruelty free; so that was a shift for me. I also co-wash my hair and really try to avoid shampoo because my hair is naturally so dry. Here we go:


The salon I frequent is Hedkandi, not only are they a close walk from my condo, they have a really great reputation in Calgary. I also happen to go to their sister beauty parlour: Butter for my nails and beauty treatments. For hair, go see Paige! She is flippin amazing and honestly my hair has never looked better. She is a wizard with copper / red tones!

Click the photo to view their website

Click the photo to view their website

The only time I shampoo my hair is when I am getting a blow out at the salon or my hair cut. So I leave it up to the stylist as to what they use. My salon uses Oribe and Bumble and Bumble products. Oribe is cruelty free, so I ask specifically for those products to be used. My favourites are:



Cleansing Routine:

  • For "shampoo" I use a thinner conditioner to co-wash my hair. I make sure to concentrate more product on my scalp her and use the pads of my fingers to agitate the product and "clean" the hair.
  • After rinsing (while still using my finger tips on my scalp and scrunching the ends of my hair under the water) I then use a thicker masque type product as my conditioner because I need all the moisture I can get. I concentrate a lot of product on the ends of my hair , comb it through with a large toothed comb and then pile it on top of my head while I finish everything else I need to do in the shower
  • Using my fingers I rinse the hair masque after about 5 minutes of it soaking into my hair and I scrunch my hair under the water. I leave a little bit of residual conditioner in my hair.
  • I am continually trying new products because going cruelty free has meant some trial and error. Below are the items I am currently using, the hair mask will remain a staple in my hair routine but the co-wash could change!

Post Cleansing

  • Directly out of the shower, while my hair is still dripping wet I apply a hair oil, and then wrap my hair in a fiber cloth towel to dry.
  • After I take my hair down from the towel I use a cream with a heat protector in it and generally let my hair air dry.
  • I also spray some texturizing / salt spray to give my hair a little more grip to it
  • If I am in a rush I will sit and do my makeup, letting my hair air dry and then when I am ready to finish my hair I will blow dry it. But I generally like to do as much air drying as possible.

Hot Tools

I very very rarely flat iron my hair. As an adult I think that I look awful with straight hair haha. Sometimes I need to smooth my root out, so I do have a flat iron and use a few different curling irons. With regards to my curling irons, I choose irons over wands for a few reasons:

  1. I don't like how wands taper
  2. I like a little end cap to rest the ends of my hair / fingers on
  3. I like the option of a clamp, even though I rarely use it

Click the photos to check out pricing on the hot tools.

I purchased my flat iron at Chatters, it is the Kenneth Bernard Vibe, which means it has a vibrate option (cue a dirty joke here). Apparently the vibrating helps to evenly distribute the heat over the hair to cause less heat damage. I feel strange using a flat iron that doesn't vibrate now...

I use a variety of iron sizes because I like different sized curls depending on my look / mood. The 1.25 inch iron gives me Hollywood waves if I do a size part and beachy / bohemian waves if I do a centre part.

The 1 inch iron gives me tighter curls that relax during the day but makes my hair more bouncy!

Extra Products

Dry shampoo is a savior when you don't wash your hair every day. Due to my hair being so dry I don't typically have to use it until day 3. I also use a dry conditioner to give my hair some moisture. I sometimes use a pomade to give my hair some hold / the ends of my hair some texture; alongside the Ouai texturizing spray which is a god send. I am still trying to find a hairspray that is cruelty free and that I love, so that is a work in progress.


The Rose Gold Batiste Dry Shampoo smells like heaven. It actually is so complimentary with the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume, which is my signature scent!

So amazing!


And I leave you with my continued hair and betch goals: 

Cheryl 'bitch' Blossom

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