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Current Skin Care Routine

Current Skin Care Routine

Moving to Calgary my skin went from being fairly good to just going haywire. After some trial and error I have finally settled on a routine that my skin appears to have settled into and I would argue that it looks better than when I lived in Medicine Hat.

I originally tried to follow an intensive Korean skin care routine, and while I still use elements of this intensive regime I found 10 steps to be a little much and my skin improved but not to the level it is now. On top of all that I am now militant about my cosmetics and skin care being cruelty free. 

Double Cleansing 

I flip between using an oil cleanser and micellar water for my first cleanse. I used to exclusively oil cleanse but I find sometimes I am feeling a bit more lazy so micellar water is a nice alternative! Then I do a secondary cleanse to ensure that I got all residual makeup off my face.

I am currently doing some research to find a new cleansing oil due to Burt's Bees being purchased by Clorox and sold in China. While they claim to still be Leaping Bunny Certified usually cosmetics sold in China are required to test on animals. So, I would just feel better finding a new oil. 

As always, click the photos to purchase the items!

Chemical Exfoliant

Physical exfoliants can cause micro tears on your skin, causing bacteria to get into those tears. Hence why chemical exfoliants have become more popular in recent years. Also microbeads are awful for the environment! 


This is still one area that I am experimenting in, so any recommendations are welcome! But I really do love the way that the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum makes my skin feel!


If you do nothing else from this list, do this! This is the most important step in your skin care routine. Use SPF in the Summer and the Winter and every season between! I use this every damn day, whether or not I am venturing outside. EVERY DAMN DAY SHARON!

Also make sure you use it on your neck as well, we often overlook that area. To be honest I layer SPF under my body lotion every day as well.

Day Moisturizer

Alberta is such a dry province, so I like to have a moisturizer that I put over my SPF but under my primer. I have only started this recently, so this is the first day moisturizer I have been using. I used to just use sun screen.


Night Moisturizer

This is another product that I just started using. I was using snail mucin at night, but I was shifting away from products tested on animals I figured I should try to shift to vegan products. Which snail mucin is absolutely not. It looks similar to the above item because I got them in a pack!


Under Eye Cream

I had been using the Origins under eye cream, but they are not cruelty free. So I have switched to using the Ordinary. Not only is the Ordinary really affordable but they are a science based skin care company, which is how I approach my skincare.

Blemish Treatment

I have always had pretty nice skin, and then in my mid 20's it decided to have a meltdown. So I had to seek out blemish treatments. I use diluted tea tree oil in a lot of my products (adding the oil to certain cleansers and moisturizers), bit I also wanted to find a dedicated blemish treatment for when I get unsightly spots!

I am always open to suggestions for skin care, I get a lot of my information from Reddit's Skin Care Addiction. It is a wealth of information!

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