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The List: Downton Abbey, Canada Day, Transformers, & Peach Pizza

The List: Downton Abbey, Canada Day, Transformers, & Peach Pizza


Okay, so I know that the final episode of Downton Abbey aired at the end of 2015 but they just put the final season up on Netflix and I got around to finishing it. OH. MY. GOD.

I cried like a little baby.

First off, Lady Mary is seriously stunning, seriously gets all the good looking men, and seriously shows some character growth and then just tosses it all into the wind and goes into bitch mode. Thankfully by the last episode she appears to have fully embraced being a strong woman without being a cruel bully!

Lady Edith had the best character arch because she finally found her lady balls and made something of herself without relying on her family or really anyone for that matter. Also flippin loved her wedding attire, made me consider wearing a veil if I ever get married.


Sprat writing advice for a lady’s magazine might have been the best thing to happen in this series.

All in all the series ended beautifully with 3 weddings and a birth. I think I may have to begin again because I love the costumes and the settings. It really is a terrific series.

ALSO, apparently they are planning for a Downton Abbey film!! I am totally there people! I cannot wait to read more on it!

Watch 2

So.... Due to a huge mix up with our building AND Enmax, we lost power on Wednesday. Well that meant we had to find something to amuse ourselves for the evening until they could turn the power back on. 

Why wouldn't we attend the cinematic masterpiece that is Transformers: The Last Knight. 


as I like to call it "stealing shit from every film that has been mildly successful in the last 30ish years and mish mashing it together into a soggy mess and adding some explosions and gratuitous cleavage". 

Honestly it was so bad, it was hilarious. By then end my body was rebelling taking in anymore of that mess that I got so fidgety and almost had to leave. But i made it through the last 20 minutes of drivel and unnecessary war shit.

I'm going to quote some reviews now:

The movie equivalent of a bag of tangled up Christmas lights...
— Hilary A White: Sunday Independent (Ireland)
At 7 hours 15 minutes, this sets a record as the longest theatrical feature ever made. (Keep in mind that I did not have a watch on during the screening, so my estimate of running time may be off. But it certainly felt that long.)
— Matt Brunson: Creative Loafing
— David N Butterworth: Movie Boeuf


It's Canada 150 tomorrow and there are so many amazing things happening in our country! I can't wait to see everything that is happening in Calgary. I am also planning to go to Fort Calgary and take part in the Enmax Human Canadian flag!

Click here to find events in your area!!

Click here to find events in your area!!

Now I know there are conflicting debates about colonialism and this can be a touch subject for many individuals. But I think that Canada, while absolutely far from perfect, is a country that I am proud to live in. If you want to dialogue further about Aboriginal rights and colonialism, hit me up! I always want to learn more and expand my horizons! 


Okay. I am obsessed with 3 things right now:

  1. Jillian Harris

  2. Stone Fruit

  3. Interesting & Fresh takes on my favorite foods

This will combine all 3!

Peach, Goat Cheese, & Prosciutto Pizza 

Click here to head to Jillian's blog for the recipe!

Click here to head to Jillian's blog for the recipe!

Head over to Jillian's blog to check out the recipe and read all her flippin posts. Her style is amazing and I am just currently obsessed with her. I will absolutely be making this recipe over the weekend, and I will post my version and thoughts next week!!

Have an amazing long weekend and a very happy and safe Canada Day. I'll be attempting a few posts next week so stay tuned for recipes and Canada Day recaps!


Stay excellent friends!

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