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Restaurant Review: Re:Grub

Restaurant Review: Re:Grub

I’ll let you in on a secret, a filthy, messy, downright sinful secret.

I’ve been cheating on pizza with burgers...

Calgary is filled with amazing independent pizza parlours, and I plan to make my way through them. But there is something classic and delightful about burgers and shakes. Enter:


Nestled on 11th Ave SW is a dandy little burger bar that serves some of the most extra food one can fathom. Using fresh ingredients, all the food is made in house and the shakes are whipped up in their trusty blender. It has a small, neighbourhood burger bar feeling with a huge reputation.

I've been to Re:Grub a couple of times.... For market research purposes.


So let's start with:


Now those of you that know me personally, or have read some of my other posts know that I am (self described haha!) as colourful, sugary sweet, decadent, and a little overwhelming. Well that also describes these milkshakes. Not only are they visually stunning, but they taste so dang good. The one in the centre was Nanaimo Bar and honestly, it was heaven.

Next we will move on to the sides. Now, the sides are delicious, I have had the fries and the onion rings. If you're going to do both, great! You're my kind of person. But if have to choose just one, choose the rings.

Like oh my god, they are crunchy and perfectly seasoned and drizzled with maple syrup! They are amazing!

Lorde apparently had an Instagram that was dedicated to reviewing onion rings, and she tried to say that crumbly coating wasn't as good as battered... Girl bye. 

It has since been taken down because she didn't want people to throw onion rings at her on stage. HAH!

Now, on to the main event:

The Burgers

The have some classics and some really interesting combinations that their amazing chefs experimented with!

I got the Cheesy, and let me tell you... it was messy and gratuitous and delightful. An ooey gooey, salty, deep fried cheddar block and the best creamy bacon ranch I have ever tasted with the fresh bite of lettuce and tomato and the sweet caramelized onions. Oh. My. God. I want to eat this forever.....

My fella was a little more reserved and got Recession Buster, which was delicious, bright, and simple. But we know I was the clear winner....

Grab a table inside or if the weather is glorious, grab a spot on the patio. There can be a bit of a wait so I would suggest going on a weekday or later on a weekend. Most of the other reviews I read online loved the food and hated the wait so if you go at a busy time know the food is worth it!

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