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The List: The Handmaid's Tale, Oh Wonder, Hiking, & Succulents

The List: The Handmaid's Tale, Oh Wonder, Hiking, & Succulents


I wish I could say “now that I am finished school I actually have time to do some reading for pleasure”. But then I enrolled in a post graduate diploma and started a class the same day I was accepted, HAH! But I truly do try to make reading a priority, I’ve managed to read a few books so far this summer.

Of course when I saw that Hulu was airing a new rendition of Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ into a television show, I had to reread the novel. I love Margaret Atwood’s work, I think that she can describe the most mundane things in such an alluring way. I get caught up in her language and find myself dizzy with delight. She evokes the same feeling in me that reading Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ did; the language sent tingles down my spine. That wasn’t the only sensation I felt; I felt a chill take over my body. A novel written in the 80’s that is made ever more relevant by the state of our world.

I will say that after finishing the novel, I remembered why I had not picked it up again in my adult life. After going into such detail for some instances in the novel, I felt the ending was rushed. Which might have been purposeful to help aid in the surprising manner in which the novel ended and evoke shock in the reader, but I felt unsettled and was left wanting. That being said, I still think this is a novel that everyone should read and I look forward to watching the television series!


Oh Wonder is an alt-pop duo, hailing from the UK. I began listening to them last year and their dreamy vocals are right up my alley! They are releasing their second album AND doing a tour in North America INCLUDING Calgary. I cannot wait until September!

Tickets for YYC went on sale June 9!


I have a complicated relationship with working out. I played high level soccer and volleyball throughout my teen years and spend my childhood doing the same. So I was naturally fit and strong, and I became fit from doing things that were fun to me. Now that I am an adult there are not the same opportunities nor the time to devote to such endeavors. While there is the time and place for the gym, I want my foray into fitness to feel like it is a natural fit with my life.

Enter: The Mountains

Living in Calgary means I am one hour away from some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. So I want to embrace a more active lifestyle by taking up hiking. This weekend my fella and I are going to embark on our first hike, and I decided to just kind of take the plunge and go for a step up from easy. Stay tuned for gorgeous photos and complaining about how my legs are sore!


I’m not sure if repotting and starting a baby herb garden counts as “making” something, but I’m going to say it is! Being a somewhat basic white girl (sometimes!) I jumped on the succulent trend in 2015, kind of out of necessity but also why the heck not!

Graduating from school means I have a little more time on my hands, so I want to start cooking more frequently. Thus I want to grow my own herbs! So I started my little seed babies and re-potted some existing succulents that had outgrown their pots. I don’t have a green thumb (hence why I mostly purchase plants that are hard to kill), and some of the babies are looking rather sad after the re-potting effort, while others are flourishing!

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