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Autumn 2017 Reading List

Autumn 2017 Reading List

I feel like I might be capitalizing on Autumn so I can create lists of things. Maybe now that I am not doing 20 different things with my life I can become a list person! People make lists to help them visualize what they need to accomplish, but when I was in school that felt like a luxury I didn’t have time for. Now that I am just working I will begin my day making a list of the things I did not get to the day before, and I even take a little time to write it out so it’s pretty (woah! Living on the edge here!).


Anyway, now that you read that utterly thrilling tidbit, here are the books I am currently reading, have read, or are planning to read before Christmas!

1.       Gone With the Wind

Margaret Mitchell

I love this novel, I adore the strength and grit that Scarlett O’Hara must develop through her trials and tribulations. My heart aches for Rhett Butler and I devour the chapters in which his flirtatious demeanor is featured.

On the flip side, this novel really does view the American Civil War through the lens of white privilege. With everything that is currently happening not just in the United States, but globally I wanted to be cognizant of that fact. It amazes me that some of the attitudes present over 200 years ago are still pervasive in the societal consciousness of certain people groups. Not that I want to get too political but, we as humans need to do better. We have all these technological advancements and we have more data than ever before, how are we still mired in hatred and intolerance.

Anyway, this book can look daunting because it is very large, but I found it easy to read (this is my second time reading it to completion). It really is one of my favourite novels to date.

Gone with the Wind
CDN$ 12.86
By Margaret Mitchell

2.       Sharp Objects

Gillian Flynn

This certainly is not a new release, but I feel it was Gillian Flynn’s best novel. Honestly all her work is gripping, but I feel her other work was overshadowed by ‘Gone Girl’. Gone Girl was amazing, but despite some of the more grizzly parts, it was the most tame of her novels and thus the most palatable for the widest audience (my business education coming out there!).

Sharp Object is kind of the perfect spooky read to devour before Hallows Eve! Being Flynn’s debut novel you see the detail and time she poured into creating and shaping every detail of the setting and the characters. Camille Preaker is a journalist in Chicago that must trek back to her hometown to investigate a series of disappearances and subsequent murders of young girls. The novel delves into mental illness, childhood trauma, privilege, and so much more. Once again set in the American south; I am seeing a theme here.

Upon further research, it appears that Sharp Object has been picked up by HBO and will air as 8 episodes in June 2018. You have got to read the book before you get pulled in by the television show!

Sharp Objects: A Novel
CDN$ 14.83
By Gillian Flynn

3.       Company Town

Madeline Ashby

This was one of the competitors on Canada Reads. Every year I am gripped by Canada Reads on CBC, and this year was no different. I went out and purchased every book that was debated on that show; so, amazing. Anyway, I am currently making my way through Company Town, and I am loving it. I hope to finish it on the plane to Seattle this weekend!

New Arcadia is a city-sized oil rig off the coast of the Canadian Maritimes, now owned by one very wealthy, powerful, byzantine family. People have become bio-engineered, and Company Town follows the story and antics of Hwa, the last truly organic person on the oil rig. Choosing to forgo bio-engineering Hwa is a bit of an outsider.

A brilliant, twisted mystery, as one woman must evaluate saving the people of a town that can't be saved, or saving herself. (From Tor Books)

Company Town
By Madeline Ashby

4.       Caraval

Stephanie Garber

This book is from Rosie at The Londoner’s recent Autumn Reads post. Apparently, I am jumping on the reading list band wagon. Apparently Caraval is full of magic, mystery, and adventure.

I cannot wait to pick it up!

CDN$ 21.35
By Stephanie Garber


5.     Your Recommendations!

  Let me know if you have any reading recommendations for me! Now that I am not in school, and working, and volunteering I have some leisure time to read!

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