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Links to Fill Your Weekend

Links to Fill Your Weekend

I an attempt to keep myself up to date with everything under the sun (or just keep myself occupied), I find myself spending a chunk of time surfing the web. Here are some of the posts that have stuck with me this week!

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Rose Thomas has quickly become one of my favourite bloggers. She is quirky, funny, easy to read and overall quite lovely. Along with her adorable pooch Custard, how could you not want to read her blog?! This post is the ultimate Shirt Dress Roundup. As we begin to transition out of Summer a shirt dress is just the type of garment that you can layer over or under to deal with the weather!

One of my weaknesses is fast fashion; the siren call of Forever21 ever beckons to me. But in the past year I have tried to be more cognizant of where I am spending my money. This article poses 3 questions to help you quit fast fashion.

I am obsessed with this song from The 1975. Click through the video until you hit about 3 mins to get to the song. It's just so great!

 I have been drooling over these leggings for months. I am going to have to just give in and buy them. I love the dual colours on the legs!

 It is part of my day job to register children for different recreational activities. I get to experience the horror, first hand, of people who name their children things that are just absurd. I now understand the plight of teachers everywhere. Here is a list of 20 ma,es from literature you probably should not name your child.

Elsie Larson of a Beautiful Mess has the most amazing collection of depression glass! I really do not need anymore glassware but, I am always on the hunt for pretty vintage china!

Joel and I are already planning a day trip to Merica to pick up some of these amazing looking Autumn snacks! MMM 29 Limited Edition Fall Snacks!

Declines in teenage pregnancy risk entirely driven by contraceptive use. Don't be silly!

Like most of the world, Joel and I have become obsessed with Stranger Things, from the story, to the music, to the actors; this show is AMAZING! So when season 2 was announced for 2017, the internet and myself went bonkers!!! I CAN'T WAIT. Honestly, Dustin (gap toothed boy, love him) embodies everything I want to be: kind and always looking out for the snack situation!

PS. Can anyone else not wait to see how much bigger Steve's hair gets next season?! Stahp Stevie!

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