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Money Diary: 7 Day Log

Money Diary: 7 Day Log

This Summer I have been attempting to be more mindful of my spending habits. Right now I am looking at Grad School and I would want to fund that portion of my education much like my Undergrad; without incurring any debt. I also hope to spend a month abroad next May, so I am saving for that! So far I have downloaded and started using the budgeting application "Mint", and I really like that it links up to my bank account and imports my spending directly from there.

Some people find talking about money to be taboo, I generally fall into that category. Yet on my travels through the internet I happened upon a series of articles from Refinery 29 in which they ask millennial women to journal their spending habits for 7 days. The income of these women ranges from $28 000 - $108 000 in different major centres around the United States. Inspired by these article I decided to journal my own spending habits for 7 days and present them to all of you!

Monthly Expenses 

  • Rent- $645 (split with my partner)
  • Utilities- Included in rent
  • Internet- paid by my partner
  • Investments- $300 
  • Savings- $250 
  • Insurance- $105 
  • Cell Phone- $67 
  • Spotify- $3.99 for three month subscription
  • Netflix- paid for by my partner

Day One

It only made sense for me to start on a Monday, right? How much can one person spend on a Monday? 

8:30- Made breakfast for Joel and myself, we are back on a low carb diet so Salsa Eggs (eggs, bell peppers, salsa, cheese and lots of hot sauce) and Turkey Bacon it is, paired with homemade latte for me and just coffee for him. -$0

11:00- I go out for a run, I just cancelled my gym membership because I can use the fitness facilities at work, and it's Summer so I should be enjoying the outdoors and being eaten alive by bugs. -$0

12:30- Since being back on a low carb diet, my life sadly does not revolve around food like it usually does. I grab a Quest bar and sadly munch on that while I get ready for work.

1:45- I have been enjoying vitamin water lately so I stop before work and grab two. -$4.20

8:45- Finally home from a slow shift at work, I eat a sad handful of peanuts with sugar free chocolate chips and a pepperoni stick. -$0

Day Total: $4.20

Day Two

6:30- Joel gets up for the gym and tries to get me to go with him. Who does he think I am, Ronda Rousey? I'm not THAT dedicated to my fitness today, I would rather take the extra hour of sleep.

7:30- Homemade latte- $0

9:00- Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk

12:00- Leave to finish my shift at a different facility, it is a hybrid lunch break/drive to different facility so I grab a coffee with one cream. -$2

5:30- Finish work and decide it is taco Tuesday so I am going to treat myself to a taco salad from Mucho Burrito, great in theory, sub par in execution so sadly most of it goes into the garbage. -$11.29

8:00- Joel is commuting to a small town for work so I get to spend a lot of time at home alone or hanging out with my parents. Without his presence I break and buy a pair of shoes from Zulily. In my defense they are on a great sale and I have coveted the pair that my friend has! I hate that they don't do free shipping. -$26.89

Day Total: $40.18

Day Three

8;30- I have a day off in the middle of the week after working 6 in a row last week! My nephew has swim lessons so I get ready and go visit him!

9:00- Joel and I purchased some keto meal replacements called Keto Chow, You add oil, heavy cream, water and the different flavours of powder. It's really filling and shockingly good. I don't need a 500 calorie breakfast so I use half of the ingredients and top it up with unsweetened coconut milk.

11:30- I head to Superstore to do some grocery shopping, even though I don't usually go there. Actually I have ulterior motives, they sometimes have reeaally cute clothes. I buy a rain coat ($20 on sale for over 50% off!), some more vitamin water, limes and some 90% cocoa dark chocolate. -$36.89

2:00- After a cat nap I decide to clean out my freezer and my fridge; low and behold I have five packages of local Mennonite sausage. Clearly my compulsive shopping might be a problem. BUT on the bright side we are having family dinner and I can contribute a package of sausage! -$0

4:30- My mom wants me to also pick up a ceasar salad for dinner, back to Superstore because it is close to my brother and sister in law's! I grab some diet root beer for the heck of it. -$12.92

5:30- Dinner is delicious, pulled pork, sausage, brisket, ceasar salad and for the non low carbers: poutine and buns. After, I get some quality time with my nephew and I also get to do the bedtime routine with him!

Day Total: $49.81

Day Four

4:45-  I work 6-2 today, it also happens to be the week our house cleaner comes (she comes every two weeks) AND it's my turn to pay. I grabbed cash out a few days ago to pay her.- $52.50

5:30- I grab a Keto Chow shake I made last night and a bottle of vitamin water before heading to work.

2:25- My mom has been feeling sick all week and wants my dad to make his famous Thai Chicken soup. They ask me to grab a rotisserie chicken, limes, and an onion. I go to Safeway for the groceries and I also need gas. The groceries come to $13.86 but my parents give me cash for them. Gas is: $42.88

5:00- I also got paid today so that means $150 automatically goes on to my credit card along with money to my investments and savings, yay for being an adult. -$150

Day Total: $245.38

Day Five

5:05- Another 6-2 shift, I wake up a bit late meaning I don't have time to make a quick breakfast or stop and grab a coffee, so I grab a vitamin water on my way out the door.

2:30- My friend has invited us out for a pub stroll tonight, this is actually one of my favourite activities ever, usually in a larger city though. I decide it is time to let someone help me shape my eyebrows so I have a threading appointment after work- $25 (with tip)

6:00- I am just finishing getting ready and Joel arrives home from work. Look details: black body con, midi dress kind of a Kim Kardashian type dress (sorry Mom, I know my IQ is dropping), black birkenstocks, beach waves and a smokey eye.

7:30- Head to a local hot spot downtown; the guys are ready to stroll and catch some Pokemon, they have all brought extra external batteries to charge their phones. At the first restaurant I am determined to stick to low carb, I order edamame and spiced rum with diet coke, Joel orders hot wings and the same beverage. I quickly determine this will be a night I cheat on my diet. Joel pays at this stop.

9:00- Hitting up a kind of dive bar, so this of course means we have to start with shots. I am the only one out of the three girls who is asked to show ID (does this mean I look 18?! MOM! I look young!), I pay for the shots and a round of drinks for the girls.- $35 (with tip)

10:00- We really had the best intentions of going to at least 4 pubs but the skies opened up and released a down pour. The girls were warm, dry and a little tipsy inside and the boys, hoping to catch Pokemon got soaked. The pub applauded them when they arrived, they then proceeded to wring their shirts out in the washroom and dry their shoes by the fire place.

This is where I royally eff up my diet, chicken fingers, shared poutine, pretzels and beeeeer! No shame in carb loading. I was so busy enjoying my feast of carbs to notice what Joel got... whoops! Joel pays for both of our meals and drinks (I really lucked out tonight!)

1:00- My friend, her boyfriend, Joel and I head back to our place. We grab a few drinks and fortune smiles upon us, we hot tub in the rain.

Day Total: $60.00

Day Six

11:00- I don't really get hangovers, I just get really tired. Basically the plan is to have a lazy day until we meet up with friends for dinner.

11:00-6:00- I honestly take like three naps and finish a book. This is glorious!

7:30- Meeting friends for dinner, attempt number 2 at low carb while out with friends. I am successful at this point! I order a bacon, cheese burger on a lettuce bun with ceasar salad and broccoli; Joel orders a cobb salad. I honestly attempt to pay but that boy beats me to it. He certainly knows the way to my heart: food!

9:30- We move over to another pub across the street, hoping to catch pokemon while we walk. We order cafe chips to munch on and deep fried pickles with a couple beers, I pay -$32 (with tip)

10:30- Back to our place for monopoly and music, my friend said she had a strategy to beat us all, yet she only wound up with one property.... 

1:00- We order a pizza feast that we clearly don't need and that I will regret in the morning, we push the leftovers on our guests, I pay -$52.69 (with tip)

Day Total: $84.69

Day Seven

10:00- Well I want another lazy day, but Joel has different plans. We get up and laze about for a bit and then head to the gym.

1:00- Joel wants to buy some more shorts to work out in, we head out in search of a specific style. We end up finding two pairs, I find the shorts on sale online and the store price matches them (score!), Joel saves like $40 for two pairs, that must be why he keeps me around, my sense of humour and shopping prowess!

4:00- Impromptu family dinner, but Joel and I really need to get back on low carb. We grab steak, a few salad kits for the week and vitamin water (I need to stop) from the grocery store. My family orders Indian, I want a samosa so badly.-$52

6:30- Joel and I leave my parents to cook our dinner, it was actually really easy and so tasty. I wish our schedules allowed us to do this more often, I usually meal prep for the week but I have been finding we never make it through everything I prep and that leaves quite a bit of waste. Oh well, we will figure it out. 

7:30- We go for a walk and catch some Pokemon and then return home for snuggles and a movie. Pretty great way to end the weekend.

Day Total: $52.00

Week Total: $536.26

Note: We don't usually go out both nights of the weekend, this was a special occurrence that does not happen often! If you guys want to check out the inspiration behind this post click on the button below! I honestly spent an afternoon going through the RF29 archives and read every money diary post they had, so good! I probably love them mostly because people detail what they're eating... hmmmm

PS. Isn't my friend Shelby gorgeous? She is one of my favourite people ever!

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