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Keto & Fast Food Options

Keto & Fast Food Options

I was bad yesterday and totally ate the poutine provided to me at a work event. So in the spirit of getting back on the wagon I thought I would serve up a keto post midweek! May has been a crazy month, and I find myself running from meetings to work to the gym or yoga with very little time in between. Busy schedules are the reason we love fast food, no? Well busy schedules and the fact that fast food is engineered to be deliciously disgusting; that is why I sometimes find myself relying on fast food to get me through my week. I always plan on being more prepared but that does not always happen... So, here is my guide to eating fast food while on keto!

Five Guys: Burgers and Fries is not drive through fast, but it is still pretty quick. I myself flip between ordering the 'Little Bacon Cheeseburger' and a 'Bacon Cheese Dog'; both of these options can be served sans bun in a takeout container or on a lettuce bun. I generally go with the lettuce bun and add pickles and hot sauce (keep hot sauce in my bag) to both. I do not really like other condiments so I keep it pretty simple. I also grab a few peanuts in the shell and munch on those while I wait for my burger.
Cost: ~$10 with beverage

Tim Horton's is mostly a Canadian thing, but they have expanded into the United States. I generally only go to Tim Horton's for Breakfast, and only if I am absolutely rushed. I will either get a 'Bacon Breakfast Sandwich' or a Sausage Breakfast Sandwich' on an english muffin and I will toss the muffin out (the only reason I choose an english muffin is because I know I will not eat it because I don't like them). Depending on the day I will asked them to rearrange the cheese so it sits in between the meat and egg, this lessens the chance of it sticking to the bread. To drink I will usually get a tea with nothing in it or a single cream coffee.

Cost: ~$6 with a large tea or coffee

Grocery stores generally have pre-made salads that are assembled either in store or you can grab one of the pre-made bag salads from a brand like Dole. I like to grab both because a salad like the Dole one will feed me for two days (and I can just leave them in the fridge at work) and a small in store made one generally will serve as a larger meal for me. 
Generally for the in store assembled salads I gravitate towards a cobb salad or a chicken ceasar salad; more often then not it is the cobb. I find the egg + meat + dairy + veggie combo can keep me full for hours. As for dressing I generally will grab a ranch or balsamic vinaigrette if the package is around 4 grams of carbs or less.

For the bagged salads I am a bit more adventurous because I can discard things like croutons or dried berries which add carbs. So if a serving from the bag is 14 grams of carbs or less I will generally purchase it and play around with not adding in those higher carb extras.
Grocery stores are also great because a lot of the time they will have pre-packaged meat and cheese trays. I sometimes just make my own with all different kinds of fun cheeses and deli meats but the pre-packed versions are nice if you are in a rush.

Cost: varies ~$4 - $12

Wendy's seems to be the most keto friendly in their presentation of the food, when you order a burger with no bun they put it into a nice little takeaway container. You can order bunless beef burgers and chicken burgers from other fast food places as well and it would be no issue as well. At these fast food places I would suggest use your judgement and if something fits into your macros go ahead. Be aware of things that are breaded instead of grilled, ketchup and other sneaky carbs but otherwise if you use your judgement and check things in my fitness pal you should be okay!

ost: Varies from place to place

So there you have it, you CAN eat fast food while doing a low carb diet. They key is to simply be aware of what you are choosing, check it in my fitness pal if possible and ensuring it fits your macros!

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